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With over 20 years of experience, George Copeland, the owner of Copeland Investigations, obtained early experience in the insurance industry, with his family's insurance business.  In the early 90's, Mr. Copeland worked many years in the retail loss prevention industry.  In the mid 90's, Mr. Copeland elected to combine his background and began working in the private investigation industry with a focus on insurance claims investigations.  After obtaining a CA PI License in 2000, he began his own company, Copeland Investigations.  Mr. Copeland obtained a Hawai'i Private Detective License and is based in Honolulu, Hawai'i.  Copeland Investigations provides service in Hawai'i and California. 

Copeland Investigations serves some of the largest insurance companies in California and Hawaii as well as established law firms.  George Copeland has been involved in many high exposure fraud cases that have led to convictions.  In addition, he has provided investigative services which have impacted the reduction of loss in many insurance claims.  Mr. Copeland has recently been involved in some successful missing person cases.  These cases are a great source of satisfaction, helping families re-unite.  George Copeland is actively involved in all cases assigned to our office. 

George Copeland is an active member of HJPA (Hawaii Joint Police Association) and NCFIA (Northern California Fraud Investigators Association).  Mr. Copeland also volunteers his time with PJRC (Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center) and the Missing Children Investigation Agency (  Mr. Copeland attends regular meetings, classes and conferences to stay informed in this technical and progressive industry.

George Copeland strives to provide the best service for his clients.  Highly motivated and dedicated to complete cases quickly and accurately, while maintaining a focus of his client's needs and budget. 

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